8 1/2" X 9" book with 8" X 8 1/2" removable cards


THE PLEIADEAN (Pleiadian) GLYPHS comprise a remarkable tool for personal transformation and healing. Organized in the form of an easy to follow workbook containing a separate set of 16 Glyph meditation cards, these Glyphs are sacred geometry symbols that contain patterns of consciousness. “There are more possible pathways in the brain than there are atoms in the Universe.” (PBS series: The Brain). As individuals, as a culture, and even as a life form we Humans utilize a relatively small part of our brain – estimations range between 5% – 20%. We are now moving into the time when it is important to awaken the other 80% - 95%. The purpose of THE PLEIADEAN (Pleiadian) GLYPHS is to articulate those neural pathways within a particular frequency band. Using THE PLEIADEAN (Pleiadian) GLYPHS allows the “user” to experience a “meditative” or alpha state while activating the higher evolutionary frequencies. They “turn on” brain patterns that exist in potential for superior states of being and living.

At this time of transformation ancient/future “technology” is being made available from Extraterrestrial sources, as well as from our own reawakening and evolving collective consciousness. This technology makes use of the vehicles of sound, color, and geometric form because these organized patterns hold frequencies that can bypass the intellect and affect us directly by their vibration. The Crop Circles in Great Britain and other parts of the world are an outstanding example of this phenomenon. They are inspiring the entire planet by their resonance, regardless of what we think about them logically. In fact, they defy our logic!



The Pleiadean Glyphs are “Vibrational” or “Frequency” Medicine. The concept of Medicine is used here in the way that is accepted by all indigenous peoples. “Medicine” is anything that brings balance, deepens our relationship to Creator Force, and gives us a stronger sense of who we truly are, while strengthening our heartfelt connection to all life.

The Glyphs are basically energy patterns. As energy organisms we constantly exist within an ocean of energy. On this energetic level we are always affecting, and being affected by everything in the Universe. This is the basic premise of quantum physics. When we allow ourselves to really think about this we can see that taking responsibility for our own energy, our frequency, is actually a very profound act of personal, as well as Universal healing.

In simple terms the Glyphs modulate frequency. They are tools that adjust our energy patterns to a more balanced, more honest, and more love-able rate of vibration. Quantum physics tells us that there only “appears” to be a place where we end and everything else begins. In fact we are in a constant dance of energy exchange with our environment. As we use the Glyphs we begin to strengthen and stabilize the more harmonious and life enhancing patterns within our own personal energy field. In the very process of living our lives, day-to-day, we broadcast these patterns, much like a radio station. We draw to ourselves people and events of like frequency, and we when we are in alignment, we heal by our very presence. This is the true essence of what we call, “The Law Of Attraction.”

Throughout ancient cultures and in virtually all spiritual practices numerical, pictorial, or graphic symbols, of one nature or another, have been used to illuminate concepts and ideas that are larger than the capacity of language to contain. By using the symbol or Glyph as a meditative device, a configuration or motif can be impressed upon the brain/mind. This creates a frequency-following pattern within the brain and nervous system as it aligns itself with that of the specific Glyph. It is the inherent capacity of Geometric form to hold frequency or information. All that we know as “life” is built up of patterns of geometric form. If you change the geometric pattern, you change the life form.


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