Judith Diana Winston, who prefers to be called Diana, is a writer, artist, channel and Spiritual Life Mentor. She currently lives and works in Santa Monica, California. She says of her life’s journey up until now: "I cannot remember a time when I was not on a spiritual path. I was always looking for the deeper meaning behind the people end events that showed up in my life." Many of the inexplicable experiences she had as a child and young adult have now come to take on new meaning in the context of her current view of who we are, why we are here, where we have come from, and where we are heading. Judith Diana sees life as a Sacred Journey. Her earlier years were strongly informed by the energy and events of the late nineteen-sixties and early nineteen-seventies. However, she took the first outward steps on her own Sacred Journey by making two unexpected and successive pilgrimages to Egypt in the nineteen-eighties with a well-known teacher and trance medium. On this second trip she linked with the energy of the Pleiades – and began the process of "filtering down" information, which continues to this day. A few years later she connected with her personal guide E’neil, who began by giving her information on a process he called "Youthining" - a myriad of other subject matter soon followed. As E’neil views the human condition he does not distinguish between what "appear" to be earthly concerns and spiritual ones. He sees only Interconnection and Energy!


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were channeled over a three-year period. This followed almost ten years, starting with Diana’s two trips to Egypt, of visiting, studying, and photographing many of the Earth’s most ancient Sacred Stone Sites, such as Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, and Easter Island. During her travels she began intuitively to understand the importance of the geometric formations incorporated in these powerful places. Guided by E’neil, she was encouraged to share the geometric patterns that increasingly came to her in meditation. E’neil describes himself as a member of a Pleiadean "soul-family" who have chosen, as a part of their developmental process, to work with the Human Race in its’ conscious evolution. This process is currently accelerating at a rate unparalleled in human history.

Diana has worked as an actress, in film production, and as a fashion photographer. She has studied and practiced Yoga for almost thirty years, and has learned much about healing by traversing the highways and byways of personal illness. In addition to the information she has channeled she has studied metaphysics, other types of movement work, inter-species communication, photography, and various forms of counseling. One of her mentors is Ron Levy, the therapist who developed the life-changing approach to healing one’s past, known as (Inner) Child – Adult Relationship Process. She has also spent time swimming with and photographing wild Dolphins. She feels that the Dolphins embody the essence of Love and Joy and like the Glyphs and the Sacred Sites, heal by their vibration! All of her writing, photography, and other artwork is designed to assist in grounding these "higher dimensional frequencies" onto the planet. As her exploration – her personal and conscious journey of growth and reclamation – continues, she sees herself more and more as a conscious vehicle for Spirit

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Here three photo series: MONUMENTS TO MAGIC, THE EARTHWEAVER SUITE, and DOLPHINS I HAVE KNOWN are sold around the world. Like the standing stones and Dolphins that she so loves, Diana sees her personal and collective "work" as bridging Spirit to Matter, Heaven to Earth, and Spiritual Concepts to every day life.

MONUMENTS TO MAGIC: A limited edition series of color-manipulated, single and multi-image photographs of ancient megalithic Sacred Sites are available as high gloss Ilfochrome™ prints.

Large individual image hand-painted black and white Sacred Site photographs. 12 of which were created to accompany the book THE KEEPER OF THE DIARY. They are currently available as limited edition Gicleé prints.

DOLPHINS I HAVE KNOWN: A limited edition series of color and hand-painted black and white photographs. These Bottlenose Dolphin "portraits" were shot in the turquoise waters off the Bahamas The hand-painted images are sold as Gicleé prints and the color photographs are available as high gloss Ilfochrome™ prints.

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Diana also has a private counseling practice. She works with individuals or couples either in-person or by phone. The umbrella name for this work is Sacred Journey - Life Mentoring. The work is individualized to meet the needs of the particular client.

Diana is now in the final stage of completing her first novel, THE KEEPER OF THE DIARY, A Visionary Adventure Story. It is based on her experiences in Egypt, the Pleiadean connection, and encompasses aspects of her journey, both inward and outward, traveling to the many other mystical and magical Sacred Sites. It is also a story within a story that has an ancient mythic fable quality.

Judith Diana Winston may be contacted for personalized private consultations, speaking engagements, workshops, artwork, or other matters of importance through Chewut Press!

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