Judith Diana Winston is a visionary artist, writer and Spiritual Life Mentor. She spent almost ten years traveling to, experiencing and photographing many of the Earth’s most ancient and mysterious Sacred Stone Sites. She also channeled the classic workbook, MEDITATIVE MAGIC – The Pleiadean Glyphs. This unique and uplifting book is energetic in nature and has affected the lives of thousands of people around the world, giving them a hands-on tool for personal growth and transformation. Judith Diana has also been a long-time student of metaphysics, yoga and various forms of counseling. One of her mentors is Ron Levy, the therapist who developed the life-changing approach to healing one’s past, known as (Inner) Child – Adult Relationship Process. With caring and humor she brings all of this experience, training and energetic imprinting to her one-on-one Life Mentoring work with clients.

In her private practice, Judith Diana is committed to helping her clients clarify their lives so that they can find fulfillment and purpose as they move forward on their path. She uses “talk therapy,” channeling, guided imagery, muscle testing and various movement therapies. Judith Diana calls upon her finely tuned intuition for those facing difficulties in such areas as relationships, self-love, releasing limiting and distressing trauma from the past and other blocks to forward movement in life.

Judith Diana also excels at working with the emotional aspect of chronic health challenges. She has personally traveled the highways and byways of persistent illness and understands how it cumulatively impacts one’s entire life. Her search for the means to her own recovery led to a probing examination of how our thoughts, feelings, and particularly, our fears, manifest in our bodies. She also learned how to create a fulfilling life while working with a body that was often not functioning in the way she might have wished. Clients find that working with someone who has actually dealt with these issues speeds up their own recovery.

Judith Diana looks at life as a Sacred Journey and her clients find this point of view very helpful. She sees all of the crisis, conflict and challenges in our lives as an integral part of our own personal Sacred Journey – which in no way nullifies the pain we may currently be experiencing. Whatever the issue, it always has a purpose and “makes sense” within the larger context of our Life’s Journey. As a conduit for Spirit, Judith Diana is committed to assisting her clients in discovering the “purpose” of those difficulties and how to create them working for – rather than against us.

Judith Diana works with individuals and couples. Her work is carefully tailored to the particular issues of each client.

To ask questions and to book a one-hour appointment by phone – or in person in the Los Angeles area email: . Please include a daytime phone number or call (310) 621-7366.

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